Preparation of South European Side Microzonation Reports and Maps

This study was completed by the end of 2007. Click on the relevant map to see the maps and analyzes produced within the scope of the project. The following maps were produced for the Southern Section of the European Side of Istanbul on an area of 182 km2.

Within the scope of this project, for all of Istanbul;

  • Tsunami Hazard Analysis
  • Earthquake Hazard Analysis studies were carried out.

The project was completed in 2007.

Preparation of Anatolian Side Microzonation Reports and Maps

Studies which are the production of Microzonation Reports and Maps covering the Anatolian side of Istanbul on an area of 509 km2 started in 2007. In this context, for all of Istanbul; the work of producing a 3D height (slope) map for the determination of some soil risks with variable scales between 1/1.000 and 1/5.000 and the work of “UPDATE OF POTENTIAL EARTHQUAKE LOSSES FORECASTS OF ISTANBUL” within the provincial borders of Istanbul determined by the law numbered 5216 completed as of the end of 2009.